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Asylum seekers relieved to be spared Pontins

The decision by Sefton council to not house asylum seekers in a disused Pontins camp has been applauded. 'Haven't they suffered enough, already?' asked one member of the public. Another recounted how he, his wife and 12 year old daughter had spent a 'fortnight trapped in the Prestatyn Pontins camp one weekend' several years ago, admitting he'd 'rather have an annual holiday bobbing up and down on the English Channel on a li-lo with fifteen migrants all summer' rather than return to Pontins.

A Pontins spokesman responded by saying the refugees have missed out on terminal bingo every evening and some of the rarest entertainment in the UK by the decision. When quizzed about the statement concerning rarest entertainment he pointed out that 'practically none of our acts are ever seen again. If that isn't a definition of rare, I don't know what is.'

image from pixabay

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