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‘Atari Games Dump’ the worst episode of Time Team ever

In what was supposed to be a glorious return to Channel 4, the 1990s archaeological programme has left viewers unimpressed by rummaging in the New Mexico desert in search of a hidden cache of video games. To appeal to a younger audience, TV Executives have chosen to abandon the predictability of finding a Bronze Age wall and embrace the hidden delights of rediscovering gaming monstrosities such as Shaquille O'Neal’s kung-fu epic - Shaq Fu. As one gamer complained: ‘This is not the lost Ark of the Covenant, dude. This $hit was buried for a reason’.

The Producer insisted: ‘Viewers like us digging up stuff nobody wants. We’re planning spin offs like ‘Plague pit’ and ‘Your Pet Cat’. We’re blurring the line between history and landfill’.

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