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Autumn TV schedules filled with political game shows

Do TV schedulers copy each other? It certainly seems that way, as the airwaves this autumn are filled with game shows that have a political twist.

Here is a quick rundown.

No Deal or No Deal - a game show that challenges contestants to fix the Northern Ireland protocol

Tipping Point - contestants win prizes by correctly guessing where raw sewage is being discharged, and in what quantity

Beat the Chaser - government ministers don't have to answer any questions, as long as they can stay ahead of the chaser. Dominic Cummings stars.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire - a quiz show for people who want to win government PPE contracts, often by phoning a friend

Tenable - a competition to find out which of the Tory leadership candidates are Number Ten-able

Total Wipeout - another competition to find the next Tory leader, but with the tantalising prospect of some serious injuries

Jeux sans Frontieres - England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Sark compete to be crowned European Champions

Insert Name Here - Sue Perkins leads the search for the next Tory leader

Changing Rooms - Keir Starmer has to redecorate 10 Downing Street with a budget of £4.50

Countdown - contestants try to guess the date of the next General Election

This is my House - Tory hopefuls try to convince Lord Sugar that they could live at Number 10

Two shows didn't make the cut. Political Naked Attraction was judged repulsive by focus groups and all tapes have been confiscated by party whips. And although pilot episodes of Political Pointless were filmed, they will not be aired because contestants found it far too easy to spot pointless policies.

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