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BBC rocked by Shaun the Sheep storm

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

There is widespread outrage following the airing by the BBC of the latest episode in the controversial long-running documentary series Shaun the Sheep. The BBC faces a barrage of criticism regarding the content of the programmes.

Typical of one of the many critics was a spokesperson for the SAS (Students against Shaun). He / she complained that “This programme reinforces typical stale white elderly male prejudices and should never have been shown. For example, how many sheep of colour did you see? Exactly – none! And how does the Mossy Bottom Farm workforce (Bitza) reflect modern employment quotas for ethnicity / sexual orientation / religious freedoms / age discrimination etc etc??? The Farmer should be ashamed of himself – and indeed prosecuted. There has been no evidence that he has been certified in mandatory controls such as Health and Safety, risk assessment and equal opportunities.”

Another complainant was a Ms Greta Thunberg. She bemoaned the fact that farmyard flatulence was a ‘”so-called humorous theme throughout the series. This is directly encouraging global warming. And why is The Farmer still allowed to run an old diesel vehicle. Surely he should have traded up to a Tesla by now?”

Editorials in the Times, Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express etc. etc. thundered “Is the BBC incapable of learning the lessons of the past? It has a long history of broadcasting totally inappropriate material – such as the Black and White Minstrel Show, It Ain’t Arf Hot Mum, and Watch With Mother, to name a few. It is about time the Corporation was privatised and sold to a responsible global media conglomerate.”

A BBC spokesperson confessed “When we heard the programmes were being made in Bristol we naturally thought it was by that bloke David Attenborough and the BBC Wildlife Unit. We now understand this is not the case.”

Meanwhile social media is abuzz with rumours regarding the Three Pigs absence from the latest recordings. Their agent denied that this was as a result of their public anti-vax comments. “In fact the Three Pigs have been dissatisfied with their profile and image on the shows for a long time now. They have now agreed to join up with a very dear and long-term show-biz friend in a brand new and exciting development that will allow them to fully showcase their talents. Look out for the ‘Peppa Pig and Friends Show’, soon to be available on Netflix. And there will be a very special guest in the first episode!”

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