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Bear shitting in wood reveals rich don't pay tax

A leak that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have not been paying tax, has rocked the world of those easily surprised and who questioned if the Pope was Catholic. To the amazement of some, the filthy rich stay rich (and filthy) by not paying for anything and Dolly Parton sleeps on her back.

Said one bewildered individual: ‘This is a revelation. No one could have seen this coming, just like a Boris Johnson infidelity, the sun rising or Tottenham Hotspurs choking at the last minute. Next you’ll be telling me that the Kennedys are gun shy’.

Those who follow the ‘no shit sherlock’ school of economics, will understand that money, like Velcro, sticks to its own. Others, for whom this has been a bombshell, will really freak out when they hear that Fedoras never look good, cotton candy is not made from cotton and Matt Hancock has sh$t for brains.

Naturally, the FBI are worried about the legality of the leak, not the illegality of billionaires. An Officer explained: ‘We’re not surprised that global elites are committing crime, but neither should you be surprised that we work for them’.

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