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"Birthday party in Qatar Towers was rubbish" declares six-year-old

Darren Stokes blubbed "my friend asked me round to his World-Cup football themed party. He said it was going to be great. But when we got there his dad spoiled everything. The bouncy castle hadn't been set up because his dad said we might see some girl's knickers when they fell over. Then, there was no pop just water, because we might get a sugar rush from it. There were no sausage rolls for some reason. And he made us stay in a shed for the sleep-over

"We were allowed to play football but only if we used a migrant worker's head for the ball. I suppose the best part is that we got to play pass the parcel. We all got to win and the parcels were stuffed with money. Apparently, they call that a Sepp in his family".

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