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Boris used Henry hoover to suck out Covid virus insists GB News reporter

Images being circulated on social media of former prime minister Boris Johnson appearing to use his Henry hoover as a sex toy have been dismissed as a complete misunderstanding and the offending material should be withdrawn immediately insists GBNews reporter Jake Remo.

Although the images clearly show the ex PM performing an apparent sex act with the nozzle of his hoover the reason was not - as some people have implied - for sexual gratification but to suck out any potential Covid virus lurking in his rectum insisted Remo.

‘Yes, OK, so you can see the nozzle protruding from Boris’ back passage. And yes, there is the occasional thrusting movement….in/out in/out. And yes you can hear Boris sighing and then the images suddenly become blurred by something covering the lens', accepted Reno.

'But this use of a hoover is entirely for medical and health reasons and not some sort of depraved sex orgy or vacuum cleaner porn. The recording of the hoover incident was purely to help with medical research and was not intended for later recreational purposes.'

'This is the former prime minister we are talking about, not some deranged sex pervert who has no boundaries when it comes to sexual gratification', continued Reno. 'He would never have violated a hoover in that way. And certainly not with his own little Henry'.

The story has reappeared on social media following evidence heard at the Covid enquiry that the former PM once suggested a special hairdryer could be used up the nose to blow the Covid virus away.

But social media sceptics are saying the only blowing was done by a stressed looking Henry….and it certainly wasn’t up the nose.

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