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Braverman email breaches include misuse of ‘reply all’ and the phrase ‘As per my previous message’

Calls for Suella Braverman to resign have escalated again after it was revealed the Home Secretary had breached multiple basic rules of email etiquette.

The contraventions are thought to include multiple instances of ‘replying to all’, needlessly CCing loads of additional civil servants into correspondence, and extensive use of the obviously passive-aggressive email opener, ‘As per my previous message’.

‘Flouting government cyber-security is bad enough’, said government insider David Jones. ‘But telling someone in an email that ‘your earlier response is also copied here for completeness’ is definitely an instantly sackable offence.

‘I’ve heard allegations that she also uses ‘Please reply at your convenience’ when it obviously means ‘Reply to me right this very second’’, continued Jones. ‘If confirmed, Braverman really shouldn’t be allowed near Microsoft Outlook ever again.

When asked to comment on the accusations, Braverman is said to have emailed a response saying: ‘I think you may have missed my multiple earlier emails on this? Copying in Rishi who may want to input. Please advise.’

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