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Britain "could export its ice to North Pole and save glaciers"

Millions of people around the country have pledged to give up cooling their beverages for the next month and send the ice cubes to the the polar regions to replace the melting glaciers. Using an image of a polar bear asking, "Is your iced tea really necessary?", climate activists hope to name and shame people who continue to cool their drinks. The first ship of ice is expected to leave Southampton for the Arctic next week.

Drinkers were horrified to learn that a piece of ice the size of Albania was being lost every day to climate change. "It's exciting to think you're doing something to save the planet", says David King, 31, as he sips his lukewarm gin and tonic in a London bar. "It's the least I can do". He hopes the Inuits can use his cubes to build igloos.

However, Tory backbencher Sir Evan Moore urges caution: "This climate change nonsense has gone too far. Send off enough ice cubes and you've got an iceberg. Remember the Titanic".

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