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British public completely baffled over what exactly JPN stands for

'We haven't a clue', said Pauline Tennant, a 43-year-old grandmother from Romford. 'We were up all night but couldn't work it out. The nearest we could get was Jalapeno pepper, although Kylie, my eldest, thought it might be Japonica'.

The BBC switchboard has been inundated with calls from viewers demanding to know what exactly JPN stands for. Deputy Diversity Switchboard Chief, Nigel Mugford, admitted they'd been caught out.

'Our £3.6bn viewer modelling contraption predicted a small surge in calls during a large pointless sporting event, but nothing on this scale. We've had to recruit hundreds more switchboard operators to cope with the demand. I can only apologise to all our viewers, and I've promised our new Director General that there will be a full internal investigation'.

'JPN is certainly something of a mystery and has caught people's imagination. Interestingly we've had no problems with people working out what BRA stands for.'

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