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Burglars demand 'more clarity' about holiday plans from Facebook users

A spokesman for the burglar community says he appreciates that most Facebook users are 'admirably candid' about when the entire contents of their house are there for the taking. He likes the way they go on for weeks about their upcoming trip abroad.

'Usually, you can have the whole place cleaned out while they're still at the airport arguing with Ryanair staff about baggage restrictions,' says housebreaker Jeremy Quinn, of Birmingham.

‘However, there's still a stubborn minority who are exasperatingly vague about the details of their travel plans, and this is costing burglars an estimated £20m a year in lost earnings,’ he says.

‘People should be franker about the true value of their belongings. I get the impulse to boast and fib, but honesty is the best policy. I can tell you that the 'Cartier' watch Greg Morgan in Peterborough has been bragging about is nothing but a pathetic Chinese knockoff.’


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