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Calling UK government 'liars' exactly like calling a mega-tsunami 'a bit lappy'

Calling the Prime Minister and his selection of senior ministers 'serial liars' is falling on deliberately deaf ears. ' It's just a bit of fibbing and should be expected from our most upstanding and decent and honourable members of parliament,' said Doreen from Bournemouth, who is herself so powerful that she is directly responsible for the last two UK Prime Ministers rising to power.

Doreen has been labelled the 'Putin of Britain,' for her ability to install and maintain puppet regimes with the very opposite agendas of serving the interests of the British people. She is herself, however, immune to such labels as she has purposely turned down her hearing aid. 'I'm not interested in what people say, I am only interested in talking the ears off anyone in listening range. What do you think this is? Some sort of democracy? Grow a backbone, you pathetic snowflakes.'

In response, a leading UK barrister specialising in political law noted, 'Doreen is right. The Prime Minister and his fawning Cabinet of nodding hogs should not be called liars. Their consistently disproven and always laughably self-evident faux rhetoric should be more correctly referred to as Fraudulent Misrepresentation.'


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