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Calls to pardon the Spice Girls.

The Home Secretary said she would look at their conviction for crimes against music, but was unlikely that Scary, Beaky, Harpo, Sleepy and Doc would be forgiven for ‘Spice World’ the movie. She said: ‘We are approaching the centenary of women's votes and, more importantly, it is twenty years since ‘Viva Forever’. Who can forget Emmeline Pankhurst’s jugs popping out during her civil rights speech at the Brit Awards?’

Most academics agree that the struggle for women’s rights was symbolized by Emily Davison, when she threw herself under a horse after hearing Posh Spice sing with Dane Bowers. Later the suffragette’s 1918 ‘Representation of the People Act’ would be eclipsed by the more comprehensive 1998 ‘Girl Power Act’.

Previously crowds had turned out to see the Spice Girls released from Holloway Prison and their contract with Simon Fuller. A spokeswoman said: ‘It’s time to forgive and forget. Like forgiving the Spice Girls’ Musical, while forgetting the real ages of the band. The Spice Girls are Feminism - provided you don’t mind lip-syncing to some words a guy wrote’.

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