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Canine Genital Mutilation: Britain's hidden scandal

In what is thought to be the first case of its kind, a Cocker Spaniel called Rusty is suing a couple from Hampshire in the High Court for subjecting him to canine genital mutilation (CGM) without his consent. The case has highlighted the little known practice of CGM, which is believed to have involved millions of adoptive parents in an appalling betrayal of trust.

'When Mr and Mrs Smart bought Rusty from a breeder in 2015, all his reproductive parts were in perfect working order,' said Gerald McQuillan, a lawyer acting on Rusty's behalf. 'Being a young and virile dog, like all Cocker Spaniels of his age, he was looking forward to the company of bitches of many different breeds and had in theory, many years of sexual pleasure ahead of him.'

However, soon after being taken into the couple’s home, it is alleged that Rusty was bundled into the back of a BMW Estate and driven to a private clinic, where he was drugged and subjected to an extremely evasive surgery, a surgery that has changed his life completely. Records have shown that at no time did Rusty agree or give his consent to the operation verbally or in writing.

'Although he is unsure of an exact time frame, when Rusty later regained consciousness he found himself in a wicker basket, back in the home of his abusers and that a large cardboard cylinder or cone had been forced down over his head, presumably to stop Rusty seeing the damage that the clinic had inflicted on his private parts,' McQuillan said. 'As well as obscuring his view, it will be argued that the cone also prevented Rusty from enjoying his favourite pastime of licking his own nuts.'

Since the visit to the clinic, it is claimed, Rusty's personality no longer seeks the company of female dog. Indeed, this once lovable, excitable rogue is now just a shadow of his former self, who spend most of his time on a window sill, sadly looking out into the street and watching other dogs taking their balls to the park. He has also been seen dry-humping table legs in a vain pursuit of the sexual pleasure that was his birthright, hinting at the psychiatric trauma inflicted on him by this vile practice.

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