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Chilcot: ‘Blair is a lying bastard, I’m not sure I can be any clearer?’

Sir John Chilcot has felt the need to clarify his position with regards everyone’s favourite lying sack of sh$t. Without wanting to be misinterpreted, Sir John explained that Mr. Blair had all the veracity of a Lance Armstrong urine sample.

A spokeswoman explained: ‘Sir John wanted to highlight the nature of this perjurious crap-weasel. Sorry, am I being too subtle? Let me draw you a picture. Here, here is a picture of some Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yes, I know, it’s a blank page.’

Mr. Blair subsequently claimed that ‘liar’ was in fact the ancient Arabic phrase, meaning: ‘he who brings peace to the Middle East and rids us of all this troublesome oil’.

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