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Chinese bridge made from iPhone glass

Beijing officials have been left red-faced by the discovery that their 430m-long bridge, costing $3.4m, was constructed without a screen protector. Having used iPhone glass technology, the Zhangjiajie bridge is to be closed for repairs or until the end of its 36-month contract - whichever is longer.

Chinese officials were frustrated at having recently upgraded their Nokia brick-bridge, like an iPhone the bridge was designed to withstand hammer blows and extreme weights; and like an iPhone it shatters in a stiff breeze or if a butterfly 'looks funny at it'. The bridge can accommodate 8,000 visitors a day but cannot withstand one teenage girl spamming emojis on Instagram with a manicured finger. Although technically still workable, the bridge is covered in ugly cracks and is just embarrassing to take out at parties.

The glass-bottomed bridge was heralded as the biggest transparent walk of death, since Donald Trump's march to the Whitehouse. Said one visitor: 'It's typical - the bridge was barely out of the box and then I heard this crack. I hoped it was my leg breaking, at least that could be mended.’

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