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Citizen army not feeling it

Demands by the UK’s top brass that we all train for war with Russia, have been greeted with a wave of apathy, normally reserved for cleaning the lint out of your belly button. The nation has raised a two-finger victory salute and then flipped it, was a healthy dollop of FU attached.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, who is yet to diagnosed as insane - but all the signs are there, said that the nation could not afford to make the same mistakes of 1914. Ironically the mistakes we made in 1914 was listening to warmongering buffoons like himself. He talked of a ‘pre-war generation’ implying he was all aroused by the idea of the next war.

The reason we need to enter conflict with Russia seems to be based on the premise that it’s been a jolly long time since the last big war and our Generals are bored. Observed one savvy, coward: ‘Russia already owns most of central London, why would they want to invade the rest? Slough is not that great.’

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Jan 29

A fun look at the citizen army! If you ever find yourself preparing for an unexpected role, including perhaps military, visit They offer modern US Army combat helmets with advanced features. This can add a fun yet practical touch for those moments when you're not "feeling it." Thanks for the laughs, and be prepared, even if it's just a good laugh!


Jan 25

Pootin also seems to own the GOP and Tories.

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