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Cleverley believes ALL of Stockton is a sh*thole

It's not just Stockton North - or its MP - that James Cleverley thinks is a sh*thole, Conservative HQ has confirmed.

'The Home Secretary is on tape saying Stockton North is a shithole, but be reasonable! He also thinks Stockton South is a shith*le and Stockton town centre is the critical core of a radioactive turd sandwich. He said the first railway in the world only went from Stockton to Darlington because people were so desperate to get out of "that sh*thole" Stockton.'

'In his defence, he was Foreign Secretary until 5 minutes ago and goodness knows how many other countries he has been caught calling shitholes. Arguably this shows progress?'

'Was it Stockton or Stockport? Are they different places? Tory HQ is more interested in stocks and shares. F*ck those other sh*tholes.'

image from pixabay

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