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Coastal water skulking by British shoreline trying to point out illegal Nigel Farages

Coastal water won't give it a rest until it has definitely spotted illegal Nigel Farages invading the British shoreline.

'I'm here every day protecting the English Channel and the rest of the world from illegal Nigel Farages,' said the coastal water. 'You saw my poster. There are millions of Nigel Farages who will swarm into Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria if something isn't done about them.

'Look. Look! There's one now! Quick! Get 'im! Before he makes a break for it... oh no, that's just a lifeguard. They're OK. Well, most of 'em.

'I was just up the Kent coast last week, and I saw one of those illegal Suella Bravermans. They can be even worse, you know. They've all got this dream, see, that one day the Telegraph will print a front page of them illegally trafficking people on a flight to Rwanda.

'And once, right, my mates spotted an illegal Priti Patel. But they pushed her back onto the shoreline and beached her.'

H/T: apepper


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