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Compensation scheme for people taken in by dodgy compensation schemes

“My troubles started in 2010 when I leased a diesel Mercedes,” recalls Dave Turnip of Oswestry.

”They delivered the exact car they promised, and charged me just what they said they would. It was only later when I saw an ad that I realised I’d been conned in some mysterious way and deserved compensation.”

However, the whole scheme turned out to be a fraud, based on appealing to people’s greed and sense of entitlement to money for nothing. Turnip reports that the whole process took months, involved him digging out a lot of old paperwork and didn’t result in a windfall at the end of it.

Fortunately, Turnip reports, he’s now seen an ad for a company that can help if you’ve fallen for a dodgy compensation scheme.

“They’re definitely not fly-by-night shysters renting an office by the week who are likely to disappear with my money,” he explained. “And I know that because they say so in the ad.”

image from pixabay

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