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Corporate bankers complain they're not getting respect from Cockney rhymers

A spokeswonk for the Institute of Corporate Bankers, Hank Kranchor, has expressed displeasure that his members do not seem to be getting the respect they deserve from the Cockney rhyming slang community.

"It's not that we lack a sense of humour or object to a bit of banter or leg-pulling," he said.

"We understood and were amused when some years back there was a popular bumper sticker in USA saying, I wanted to be a bank manager but my parents were married. However, we feel the current usage of the Cockneys shows a distinct devaluation of the valuable services we provide to society.

“We fear it could impact on the electoral chances of our friends in the Tory Party. It is we in particular who put the con in Conservative. And without us how would hoi polloi and the plebs sausage and mash their Gregory Pecks?

“And I don't appreciate being called a bit of a Jeremy." 

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Sock Puppets
Sock Puppets
01 de mai.

Well done sockpuppet

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