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Cost of fuel creates business opportunity for false numberplate dealers

Businesses supplying false numberplates for cars are springing up around the corner from petrol stations across the nation as the cost of filling a tank has reached the point when it is getting as close to being as expensive as divorcing MacKenzie Bezos.

One such business' adverts say "A hundred quid for a tank of fuel or fifty quid for a set of number plates, I know which option makes more sense!" The website advises they offer the option of selecting a model of vehicle and its colour; and if it can be matched with that owned by a government minister, or someone you hate, for an extra ten pounds, you can have them make that.

When asked if any particular section of the driving community are purchasing false number plates, we were told "It don't take a lot of working out, does it? (sic) Which cars have the biggest tanks and are most likely to be driven by crooks?"

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