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Countdown clock goes into injury time

There will be an additional nine minutes at the end of each 30-second game as Countdown's world governing body has increased the time added to the end of each game to allow for injuries, substitutions, time-wasting and streakers.

'What would normally have been completed in the allotted half-minute, will now take about 19 times longer,' confirmed World Countdown President Jimmy Infantile. 'One episode will now last two days, and this year's Countdown World Cup will run until 2045.'

'Although 83% of our viewers won't live to see the final, to accommodate for all of the extra ticks, the Countdown clock has been increased to the size of Wales, and the music will be an extended 12-inch trance mix version of our much-loved signature tune.'

NewsBiscuit would like to issue an apology to its readers for extending this article longer than it needed to be, when it was pretty much done by the mention of streakers.

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