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Courier company achieves ultimate goal of not existing at all

In a crowded and highly competitive field, courier company VERI (USELESS) has achieved the ultimate accolade of seeming not to exist at all.

“I was waiting in for a parcel, which the vendor told me would come today,” said frustrated consumer Dave Sandwich. “Then I get an email saying they’d tried to deliver it but I wasn’t home. Not even a card through the letterbox. I don’t reckon anyone ever came here.”

He tried to contact VERI via its website, only to be fobbed off with a chatbot that couldn’t do anything to help, and didn’t even recognise the tracking number they gave him in the email. 

“So I tried the helpline number, only to find it was just a recording. The website shows a picture of a smiling girl wearing a headset, but I can’t imagine who she is since no one seems to work there at all.

”I reckon the whole company consists of a telephone answering machine and a website deliberately designed to send you round in circles until you give up.”

Records at Companies House list the sole director and employee of VERI as Sarah Connor, showing that whoever set the company up at least has a sense of humour, though frankly describing it as a courier was enough to prove that.

image from pixabay

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