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'Covid passports would be unfair' says smug b*'tard who already has Covid Pass

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

A total bastard who gets off on causing bitter division between other people at every opportunity is going around saying that Covid passports in England would cause division between people and would be unfair.

'Covid passports are a great idea and we are definitely doing that,' said the utter bastard, not even pausing for breath before immediately following those words with, 'Covid passports are unnecessary and would be unfair, so that's not happening.'

Asked if the existing NHS Covid Pass - which anyone who has been double jabbed can request online and have posted to them - happens to be everything a Covid passport is except in name, the complete bastard said, 'Absolutely not,' tucking his very own NHS Covid Pass document into his blazer pocket.

Further pushed on the point that regardless of whether Covid passports would be a good thing or a bad thing, people arguing about whether England should have them or not is somewhat futile if anyone can get an NHS Covid Pass whenever they want, the uberbastard added, 'As long as the whole country is arguing about it, then they are not noticing me embezzling billions of taxpayer money, are they?'

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