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Cowboy fired after false ‘this ain’t my first rodeo’ claims

A ranch cowboy has been fired from a new job working in a rodeo after wildly exaggerating his skills and experience in interview.

Clint Buckshot, a skilled cattle herder from the American Midwest applied for the new role after opportunities in the ranching field dried up.

‘Mr Buckshot seemed to meet all the essential criteria of the job and impressed in our robust assessment centre’, said Mike McBride, CEO of Caifornia rodeo company The Big Bronco.

‘He actually gave exactly the same answer of ‘this ain’t my first rodeo’ to every single question we asked him at interview – he seemed to clearly have all the skills we were looking for’, continued McBride.

‘In hindsight, his confident, repeated delivery of that statement might be interpreted as the sarcastic responses of someone who thought we were questioning his basic competence, but at the time, we thought he was the ideal candidate’.

‘However, on the first day in the new job, he spent more time on his ass than on the back of a horse. It was clear to us that actually, this was his first rodeo. We had to let him go’.

‘The interview was a joke’, said an angry Buckshot. ‘To me, its patently obvious that my steering and cattle-driving skills will be highly transferable to the faster-paced bronc riding and barrel racing tasks of the modern competitive rodeo, and I kept telling them so. I was like a broken record’.

‘All those questions’, continued Buckshot. ‘What is your biggest weakness? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Give us an example of when you worked effectively in a team?’ There’s more bullshit there than at the end of the day in my Wyoming ranch.’

The news caps a miserable week for the Buckshot family, coming just days after their grandmother was sacked from a food-tasting company for exaggerating her experience in sucking eggs.

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