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Dating apps may become linked to driverless cars

When driverless vehicles become a genuine possibility the expectation is that they will communicate with each other, so if for example a BMW in the outside lane of a motorway imagines that a Range Rover will allow it to cut across its path at the last second it can reach the slip road, the conversation between the vehicles of “Don’t even try it, Sonny”, will have occurred miles before the slip road.

It’s hoped this will lead to fewer accidents, but dating apps have cottoned on that driverless vehicle technology can assist with the pursuit of romance.

“When you think about it” said Deirdre Milf, a dating consultant, “lonely people travel up and down the country, unaware that their ideal partner might be in the car next to them. It seems logical to find a way we can use our date matching data to best advantage. There’s precious little chance of a lonely heart in Swansea taking up our match of an ideal partner in Sunderland, but little would the two know how close they were to each other when they neared the dogging sites in Dudley. Our proposed app will give the couple the opportunity to accept or decline the liaison of a lifetime in real time.”

Deirdre went on to explain that as part of their proposed service, in addition to the two vehicles being directed by the app to the same dogging area, it would be possible to set liason preferences such as:

  • Sites with wash facilities and condom machines

  • Dogging sites selling alcohol and fags to recover with

  • Reserved parking places (premium charge)

  • Floristry machines

  • Jewellery machines

Deirdre added she was very excited about the email from Head Office she saw arrive as we were talking, entitled “2 in 1 special offer” and if it means what she hopes it does, she’d definitely be up for it.

image from pixabay

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