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Did Prince Andrew falsify Pizza Express receipt to secure interview with BBC?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Following the recent controversy over Martin Bashir’s infamous interview with Diana, Princess of Wales, the BBC have decided to hit back by claiming they were duped into agreeing to air the Prince Andrew interview after being provided with what they now believe to be a forged receipt for two Sloppy Giuseppes and a round of diet cokes, supposedly from a Pizza Express in Woking.

In response to his alleged part in the Epstein scandal, when Prince Andrew supplied Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis with an alibi that was so breathtakingly ludicrous that it couldn’t possibly be made up, except that it almost certainly was, they refused to broadcast it unless the now relegated royal produced some sort of evidence, according to a source at the BBC.

It is reported that Prince Andrew immediately replied, ‘No sweat.’ and promptly pulled what he claimed to be a Pizza Express receipt from his pocket. Whilst it was taken at face value at the time by BBC employees acting in good faith, it is now being re-examined by experts. Results thus far are inconclusive as the receipt has reportedly been damaged by what appears to be profuse perspiration. The inquiry continues.

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