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Dogs seek urgent advice on possible ban of Suella Braverman XL

Dogs say they are seeking 'urgent advice' on banning 'lethal' Home Secretary Suella Braverman XL.

It comes after attacks on asylum seekers, the unemployed and the public in general, with footage posted online.

The dogs say the attacks are 'appalling' and she is a particular danger to... well, everyone.

The owner a Mr R. Sunak, temporarily of 10 Downing Street, has been spoken to by police officers.

A spokespuppy, Mr. Scrappy Doo said 'We are suppose to be be man's best friend, so we can't just sit back and watch this go on. We have commissioned urgent advice on banning the Tories as a breed.'

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2 Yorum

12 Eyl 2023

Reading about dogs seeking advice on this matter gave me quite a chuckle! It's amusing to think of our canine friends having such political leanings. On the topic of doggy matters, I've heard some of them are also campaigning for using the 'anti-dog barking device' in select parliamentary sessions. They believe it might make debates more... civil. Oh, the times we live in! Kudos to NewsBiscuit for always bringing a smile to my face.


11 Eyl 2023

And Petty Patel.

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