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Eddie Marsan finally goes ‘full Tory’

Using Lee Strasberg’s ‘Method’ and 28 cans of Red Bull, Eddie Marsan has succeeded in portraying Shakespeare’s most challenging villain and secret Conservative voter – Aaron the More-You-Earn-The-Less-You-Care.  With the aid of prosthetic make-up and a Hilary Benn wig, Eddie has thrilled audiences with the immortal line ‘Some of my best friends are immigrants, but…’.

To play the Tory, Eddie has used Twitter to channel powerful emotions and Tony Blair’s 2005 election manifesto.  The distinguished actor also has drew upon his working-class struggle while at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, leaping around in an Elizabethan bodkin and shouting ‘hey nonny’ in a John Gielgud accent.

For his next role, post-Brexit, Eddie plans to play a struggling actor who accidentally enabled the Conservative Party to win re-election and is left wondering where all the jobs and Prosecco went. 

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