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Elmo appointed new Secretary of State for Education

Cute furry faced friend of everybody and MP for the Sesame Street constituency. Elmo Monster, has told the press he is "very happy to be appointed Secretary of State For Education" in the latest government reshuffle.

His background in education makes him more suitable for the role than any of his predecessors, especially with his knowledge of most of the alphabet, in order, and all the numbers up to 12.

Elmo will take up the post with immediate effect and has already started to move his toys, crayons and colouring books into his office in Whitehall. Previous incumbent, Gavin Williamson, had left some of his own colouring books behind but Elmo was disappointed to see that he had often gone over the lines or used completely the wrong colours.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, says he is pleased with his new Cabinet choices, which include Count von Count as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Cookie Monster in charge of Food and Oscar the Grouch as Minister for Housing.

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