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Europe surprised when total bastard starts shooting missiles at buildings

Many European commentators have declared themselves surprised and taken aback when a complete and utter bastard started shooting missiles at nearby buildings.

"We always knew Putin was a total slime tosser, but we thought he'd just be one in Syria or some republic we've never heard of, not somewhere they drive the same cars we do," said one.

"Yes, he covered half of Salisbury in nerve jelly, but we also figured him for a decent sort who would leave people alone to enjoy their tea. That was, of course, until he started firing missiles into buildings." said another.

"Of course, he's been accused been killing people in Europe for years, but always discretely and mostly journalists. We never thought he'd go in for the block booking," said a third.

Europe has been swift to respond and officially declare Putin a straight up 100% ****

Image: Pixabay/MabelAmber

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