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Extraordinary scenes in Sheffield as Trump refuses to accept defeat in World Snooker Final

There were extraordinary scenes at The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield at the conclusion of the World Snooker Final when organisers tried to crown the now seven-time champion Ronnie O'Sullivan.

His opponent, Judd Trump, leapt on the table screaming the match was "a fix" and vowed not to let O'Sullivan's coronation go ahead. Incandescent with rage Trump told Hazel Irvine, 'This was a rigged competition. There has been wholesale cheating going on and we've got proof. Yes we have. We have evidence of this. Much and bigly evidence. FACT!'

The Bristolian then tried to incite a riot among his supporters but when that failed and Barry Hearn turned a deaf ear to his complaints, Trump grudgingly conceded defeat before storming out of the theatre.


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