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Farage hits peak Boomer

Scientists at the Bohn Institute of Entitlement have warned that Nigel Farage my have hit peak Boomer, after his latest campaign to stop NetZero.

Prof Werner Speigeltuber said "It's really hard to see how anyone can be more Boomer than this. It's a sad day for the whole generation that have nowhere left to go from here."

A generation of boomers took to Twitter to voice their concern before realising they didn't really understand how Twitter worked, and were foiled by coming up with a secure password they could remember or seeing enough bicycles in a Captcha.

Experts had thought that former US President Donald Trump would be the first to reach Peak Boomer, but at a pointless rally he declared "Boy that Farage! And those snowflakes thought I was a dick!"

Boomers are famous for mistakenly thinking they lived through the war, and have endured rising living standards no other human generation could imagine, all the while leaving a scorched earth of social and environmental problems for "avocado-munching Generation Zers" to figure out.

Farage couldn't be reached for comment as no one at NewsBiscuit could bear to speak to him.

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