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Fears grow for 80s something couple Ada and Stanley "missing" in Hollister

Fears are growing for octogenarians Ada and Stanley Potts who were last seen wandering into the Hollister Store in London's Westfield Shopping City two days ago.

The couple who have been married for over fifty years were on an anniversary shopping trip as part of a treat their daughter Heather bought for them.

But last night she sobbed, "I'm really worried. CCTV picked them entering the store on Wednesday but they haven't come out since."

"They may have become disorientated and got lost in the dark. I'm trying not to think of them just lying somewhere in there having fallen behind some racking or underneath a display gondola."

Derek Stokes, some jumped-up jobsworth in a dark uniform with a peaked cap who claims he's head of security at the centre but spends most of his day speaking out of the side of his mouth into a headset commented

'I warned Hollister about the potential dangers of such low lighting levels after a group of Japanese tourists went missing in there for fifteen hours last year but they just won't listen.

'I have sent for backup from head office but if anyone thinks I'm going in there alone then they can think again. That's well above my pay grade.


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