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First Coutts is the deepest - high end banking is 'hotbed of Marxism'

Former stockbroker and Cameo’s Irish Republican spokesman Nigel Farage has bravely blown the whistle on the extreme left-wing cabal currently running the high end banking sector.

'It’s like Paris 1968 only more so' admitted one wealth fund manager, who unironically wore a Che Guevara t-shirt. 'Eat the rich. But not Nigel Farage. He isn’t rich enough, probably because Brexit made everyone poorer. What an absolutely extraordinary coincidence. There was no way to predict that, apart from almost every economist who predicted exactly that. We need to redistribute the wealth, man. And by redistribute the wealth I mean give more to the rich.'

Farage is said to have responded to his banking 'win' by wobbling his jowls in celebration, ordering a Guinness, and shouting "Up the 'Ra".

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