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From Bay of Prigs to Sergeant de Pfepper: Newsbiscuit remembers the 1960s

1963. Fab groovy Tory party gears up for Swinging Sixties by picking 14th Earl of Home as leader.

1963. JFK assassinated by kook hiding in Dallas's famous kook depository.

1964. 19 years after WW2, name rationing finally ends, just in time for birth of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

1967. Harold Wilson devalues Monopoly pound to help struggling young couples get on Mayfair property ladder.

1967. Britain cautiously decriminalises homosexual acts "between consenting adults named Jeremy and Edward" Later extended to Raymonds and Jonathans.

1968. Robert Kennedy decides to get assassinated in desperate act of sibling rivalry.

1968. Private Trump returns from Vietnam, begins 50-year struggle to wash Agent Orange out of hair.

1969. Apollo 11 a disaster. Major jazz concert cancelled after Louis Armstrong sent to moon due to clerical error.

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