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Government’s Woke Department demolishes Somerset House as it's not in Somerset

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

An official government LGBTQ person has announced that a famous neoclassical non-descript building overlooking the River Thames is to be torn down. It will be replaced by a farmers' market and a large car park, exclusively for green EV tractors.

Activists have been lobbying the government for years, campaigning for an official apology from the Prime Minister and the payment of substantial reparations to Somerset.

‘We can’t have a building named after Somerset when according to all known records and ordnance survey maps, it’s not even located in Somerset. It doesn’t make any sense.'

'We found it by accident when Franks Sat Nav on his Toyota Diesel Landcruiser started playing up as we drove through central London. He made the startling discovery that we were not Somerset, and not only that, nowhere near its borders. Apparently, it’s been this way since at least 1776. So the sooner we have this monstrously socially unjust Dickensian edifice torn down, the better.'

Asked where all the tenants of the building complex would be located, He/She/They/His/Her/Its/WTF, suggested Wokingham might not be a bad idea as they were pushing Boris to have the town replace London as the nations capital city.

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