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Home Office to retain Covid measures “just in case”

Following the failed attempt by Government to contain the Covid virus, the Home Office led by Priti Patel has decided to extend all restrictions indefinitely

The British Army has already been successfully deployed, nominally to assist the Covid response under the guise of “Operation Rescript”. This allows fully armed soldiers to monitor transport and control the ports, and generally infiltrate the public consciousness as “a necessary evil”

Secondly, the airports have been largely shut down to prevent foreigners from arriving, and to imprison those who do, but mainly to stop British nationals from leaving as the dark forces clamp down

Next, the freedoms of news reporting are slowly being eroded. The BBC is inexplicably drifting towards supporting the Government, and Channel 4 is to be “privatised” (we know what that means)

Patel’s plan to use the military for absolute control is to be trialled in England, where it will be renamed as “The Devolutionary Guard”

Hat tip to Granger

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