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Homeless move to London to get looked after on the streets

Thousands of people have moved to London voluntarily over the last week, sleeping rough so that they can walk slowly past the Queen's coffin

. Londoners who were homeless before it was an act of royalist obsequiosity, have now also moved to the capital to get looked after.

Charity worker Karolina Krychowiak said 'All these nice people sleeping on the streets. What a relief that there's suddenly all these extra resources to cope with performative grief. We are assuming all this help will still be here after the funeral - so we can assist people with no homes as well as those with a nice cottage in the Cotswolds.'

Homeless man Ian Ingram said 'I've been homeless for a while. All those nice middle-class people sleeping on the streets, with Berghaus tents and thermos flasks. All the gear, no idea.'

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