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HS2: ministers to cut services and speeds to drive down cost

Ministers are planning on cutting HS2 services and train speeds in an attempt to drive down the cost of the heavily delayed project, it has been reported.

The government is said to be considering cutting the number of trains travelling each hour, drastically shaving the capacity of each train, and markedly reducing the trains’ maximum speeds. The new programme will also be renamed.

Carriages in the revised service will hold a maximum of 4 people, and will be independently powered. The likely terminology for such cut-down carriages will be 'cars'. Their top speeds will be slightly lower than the original HS2 design spec of 250mph and the current operating plan of 205mph. Cars are hoped to achieve as much as 70mph and to be much more resistant to leaf-related traction issues.

One part of the report confirmed that the replacement name for this remodelling of the entire HS2 programme is likely to be M40.

image from pixabay

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