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Husband awarded MBE for twice-annual laundry service

A married man from Richmond-Upon-Thames is reported to be ‘overjoyed’ with the news that his biannual laundry contribution towards the household chores is to be recognised in the New Years Honours List.

‘After years of my wife asking if I want a medal for putting my own laundry in the machine, it is a privilege to finally have my efforts acknowledged in this way,’ said Mark Slade MBE. ‘But I feel I share this award with every man who has ever actually ironed his own shirt, occasionally cleaned the ring off the bath or made it home in time to put the kids to bed for the first time in months. Here’s to you, guys.’

Mr Slade’s wife Alison was quick to commend her husband’s achievements, although accepts that talk of a third laundry load in the Spring when she goes to hospital for scheduled knee surgery may be the excited hyperbole of a giddy winner.

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