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Identity of value-for-money BBC presenter still unknown

The latest scandal to rock the BBC is the suggestion that one of their staff was not an over-paid nepo baby. Hiding in plain sight this presenter flaunted their competence, while drawing a modest wage. Said one executive: 'There is literally no one who fits this description.' Police have been called in to ascertain if anyone had done a days work in their lives. Initial investigations suggest that the last value for money employee was Muffin the Mule who was exonerated in Operation Yewtree,. The rumour mill has focused on whether a shocking photo depicts an individual sitting at their desk, rather than at some social event, hosted by Rupert Murdoch. The BBC issued a statement: 'We categorically deny that our staff are anything other than over-paid wokeratti, with the work ethic of a sloth and the usefulness of an automated floss dispenser. How else do you think we have time for all our abuse scandals.'

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