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Income tax to be reduced to negative 4% and all NI contributions to date to be repaid - Sunak

At what looks like possibly a desperate attempt to win back control of the leadership contest, ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak's team has suggested he's contemplating paying 'so-called taxpayers' four pence in the pound for every pound they earn over their allowance, and refunding every single National Insurance payment ever made to all qualifying tax-payers*. He is understood to be considering crowd-funding the NHS as the most sustainable and realistic method and cancelling all of the backlog of appointments 'to give the NHS a clear start'**

His opponent, Liz Truss, is understood to have offered to double or quits anything Rishi has said, with bells on. So there.

*Only applies to Tory donors and Conservative Party members

** Does not apply to Tory Donors and Conservative Party members

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