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iPhone5s buyers directed straight to queue for iPhone6

Excited buyers of Apple's flagship new iPhone5S in Oxford Street were delighted to be directed straight to an exclusive queue for the iPhone 6 immediately after their purchase.

‘The new iPhone 5S isn't just the greatest smartphone of all time. It's also your ticket to get first in line for the new iPhone 6,’ said store manager Damian Walsh, ushering new owners of the £549 gadget to the start of a five-mile obstacle course of tensile barriers on a circuitous route back to the front of the store, which will be their home for the next year. 'Sure, the queue has no food, shelter, or toilet facilities. But did Steve Jobs stop to worry about those things when he was creating the legend that is Apple?'

Clutching his still-boxed iPhone5S, which cost him half of his month’s salary, Apple devotee Craig Flack commented: ‘Wow! I spent four days queuing in the pouring rain to get my hands on the iPhone5S, but I never dreamed that I'd get the added bonus of being one of the first to queue up to purchase the iPhone 6! Come to think of it, I’m a little embarrassed to be seen with this now outdated model.’ Flack was later seen holding his head in his hands and tossing an unopened white package into a nearby bin, before hurrying off to join the rapidly growing queue, which industry analysts believe will remain in situ for at least the next year while Apple design and manufacture the device.

Asked what he thought about customers who declined the offer to queue up immediately after their purchase for the sixth edition of the iPhone, Walsh commented: ‘Whatever. They'll be sorry in two months' time when the screen on their iPhone5S has cracked, their apps are no longer supported and the battery life has reduced to half an hour. Then we'll see how cool they look with their so called 'smartphones'. Dickheads.’

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