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Isle of Wight offers Ukraine 'unlimited moist towelettes'

StickyFingers, the second largest manufacturer of pre-packed wetwipes in Shanklin, has generously offered to supply two months production to aid the Ukrainian struggle.

"Let's face it, war is a dirty business" siad StickyFingers chairman, Bob Godshill "whether it is the grime of close combat, or the gore of field medicine, there is always going to be the need for a handy, quick and efficient hand sanitizer"

"We all want to do our part in protecting the strong hands of democracy"

Marketing the incentive under ' a handful in each foxhole', StickyFingers are due to start their production run as soon as the packaging is approved.

"Of course, we could print the wrapper with inspirational quotes, words of wisdom and the like, we just need to square off the text and alphabet with the Ukrainians".

"However, if they are not bothered about the branding, we do have several thousand packs from Uncle Putin's All You Can Eat Borscht Bar in Ventnor - they kinda misread the market".

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