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Isosceles triangles demand equilateral rights

Trigonometry has been rocked by a dispute over preferential treatment afforded to triangles with sides of equal length.

Self-proclaimed leader of the isosceles triangles, Trigger Broom, has today launched a campaign to raise awareness for the plight of triangles which are not equilateral. 'We need society to view this from the right angle,' announced Broom at a convention for those of three sides.

'Just because some bisectors of society all meet in the middle, why should that exclude a cute isosceles shape like me? This is a warning sign to those with aesthetic prejudices, and it's long past time this thinking was turned on its head: they must give way.

'There's no rational reason why we can't also be included in box girder bridges. It's just because of age old structures which promote equilaterals to the apex of society. It's an ancient pyramid scheme which is obtuse.

'These demands apply to all triangles, no matter their background. Except those ugly scalene f*ckers.'

The conference was brought to an abrupt end due to a heated debate which was measured at 180 degrees inside.

Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

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