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Ivan Toney to use official FA betting partner in future

Brentford striker Ivan Toney, whose full name is Ivan Benjamin Elijah Toney, making his initials IBET - admitted breaking Football Association rules with regard to gambling on football matches. He intends to place all future bets with the FA’s official bookmaker.

Much of Toney’s football gambling involved bookmakers that sponsor football club or who have links to television stations that have football broadcasting agreements with the FA. An FA spokeshypocrite denied that offences committed using companies that contribute massively to the FA’s overall income will be considered more minor than the others.

Toney has agreed to wear clothing by Nike, fly with Emirates and bank with Barclays.

However, he drew the line at endorsing the FA’s official beer partner, the spokeshypocrite adding, 'He is ashamed of what he did, but not so ashamed that he is prepared to drink Budweiser.'

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