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JK’s alleged transphobia is just about selling more books

In what is being heralded as a canny bit of marketing, the author has deliberately stoked a summer of gender controversy, with ‘Harry Potter & the murderous CIS wizard’. Her defenders have said portraying a transgender killer is no different than ‘Psycho’, although Alfred Hitchcock did not spend every waking hour on Twitter telling everyone Norman Bates had no womb.

Reports suggest her concerns about the transgender community were an elaborate ploy to promote her book, in same way that in 2000, her publisher set fire to a goblet manufacture: ‘JK is an ally on trans rights, but not really. But seriously, she is. She’s an ally. Or is she? No, no, no, she is….or is she?’ Said one disillusioned fan: ‘I’m concerned that her books reflect her real feelings, so I’m not sure I want to read ‘Harry Potter & Cynical Billionaire Author’.’

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