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Jubilee pudding set to become star sandwich filling as unsold stock gets recycled

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee pudding looks likely to change the British diet for years to come in a similar way that coronation chicken enabled food retailers to shift tons of unsold bland curry, by turning it into a sandwich filling. A spokesperson for M&S told us that although sales of the pudding in their stores has been disappointing, they're not unduly bothered as it can be used up in the same way they've been filling sandwiches for the past 70 years with the coronation chicken mix they over-estimated the demand for in 1952.

"It's actually turned out to be quite convenient for us to have a new sandwich filling to use" the spokesperson told us. "We were coming to the end of the coronation chicken stocks and thought we might have to use the Victoria sponges we had left over from Queen Victoria's Jubilee, but it's not really economically viable during the cost of living crisis, to employ workers to scrape the mould off them before turn them into sandwiches. Maybe in a few years time, the economy will have turned around enough to make it profitable by using child labour to scrape the mould off those old Victoria sponges and we can start a new fad by putting them in sandwiches that only the nobs can afford, until they take off among the plebs."

imapge from pixabay

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